Frequently Asked Questions is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. we act as middlemen between YouTube creators and consumers; the YouTube creator pays for displaying their Youtube videos on Doge-Cents, and 100% of this payment goes to the viewers when they view the YouTube videos.


For the purposes of compounding your Dogecoin profits, You are allowed to create muiltiple accounts per household or IP address .

That's a really good question, and we have a really simple answer, all membership investments and Youtube video advertising sales are transferred to a stablecoin that earns 5% to 8.6% APY

 You couple that with our

ROI RETENTION SYSTEM and it's a Slam Dunk


The way the ROI RETENTION SYSTEM works is simple.

Step 1

Sign up as a free member and earn $0.0005 per viewing and $0.0005 per referral viewing, if you want to earn more than $0.0005 per viewing you may upgrade to any membership of your choice and move on to step 2

Step 2

Refer members and veiw videos daily for 12 straight days, to reach the required payout goal for your membership level, we will first pay you your deposit and first half of your Profit at this point you are required to upgrade to any membership of your choice.

After you complete all 2 steps we will pay you your second half Profit

(Example Doge 30 cost $30.00, Payout Request after 12 days $36.00 1st Payout $33, after you complete step 2, second payout $3.00)

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